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NiTi Reverse Curve Wire

Applied for correcting grievous malocclusion, provides excellent counter forces to achieve bite modifications with minimum affliction.

NiTi Reverse Curve
  Size Upper Lower
Round Wire 0.012 RC12U RC12L
0.014 RC14U RC14L
0.016 RC16U RC16L
0.018 RC18U RC18L
0.02 RC20U RC20L
Rectangular Wire 0.014 x 0.025 RC1425U RC1425L
0.016 x 0.016 RC1616U RC1616L
0.016 x 0.022 RC1622U RC1622L
0.016 x 0.025 RC1625U RC1625L
0.017 x 0.025 RC1725U RC1725L
0.018 x 0.025 RC1825U RC1825L
0.019 x 0.025 RC1925U RC1925L
0.021 x 0.025 RC2125U RC2125L
Pack of 10
Single pack

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