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Buccal Tubes for second molar

Weldable Single Non-Convertible
Weldable Single Convertible
Bondable Single Non-Convertible
Bondable Single Convertible

Weldable Single Non-Convertible
  slot UR UL LL LR
Roth 0.022 BO001-017 BO001-027 BO001-037 BO001-047
0.018 BO001-117 BO001-127 BO001-137 BO001-147
MBT 0.022 BO002-017 BO002-027 BO002-037 BO002-047
0.018 BO002-117 BO002-127 BO002-137 BO002-147
Edgewise 0.022 BO003-017 BO003-027 BO003-037 BO003-047
0.018 BO003-117 BO003-127 BO003-137 BO003-147
Weldable Single Convertible
  slot UR UL LL LR
Roth 0.022 BO051-017 BO051-027 BO051-037 BO051-047
0.018 BO051-117 BO051-127 BO051-137 BO051-147
MBT 0.022 BO052-017 BO052-027 BO052-037 BO052-047
0.018 BO052-117 BO052-127 BO052-137 BO052-147
Edgewise 0.022 BO053-017 BO053-027 BO053-037 BO053-047
0.018 BO053-117 BO053-127 BO053-137 BO053-147
Bondable Single Non-Convertible
  slot UR UL LL LR
Roth 0.022 BO101-017 BO101-027 BO101-037 BO101-047
0.018 BO101-117 BO101-127 BO101-137 BO101-147
MBT 0.022 BO102-017 BO102-027 BO102-037 BO102-047
0.018 BO102-117 BO102-127 BO102-137 BO102-147
Edgewise 0.022 BO103-017 BO103-027 BO103-037 BO103-047
0.018 BO103-117 BO103-127 BO103-137 BO103-147
Bondable Single Convertible
  slot UR UL LL LR
Roth 0.022 BO151-017 BO151-027 BO151-037 BO151-047
0.018 BO151-117 BO151-127 BO151-137 BO151-147
MBT 0.022 BO152-017 BO152-027 BO152-037 BO152-047
0.018 BO152-117 BO152-127 BO152-137 BO152-147
Edgewise 0.022 BO153-017 BO153-027 BO153-037 BO153-047
0.018 BO153-117 BO153-127 BO153-137 BO153-147

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