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Dual Functional Arch Wire

Dual Functional Stainless steel Arch Wire with rectangular anterior will make torquecontrol more precise, and its round posterior will also minimize the sliding frict ion.

Dual Functional Arch Wire
Size Upper Lower
Anterior/Rectangular Posterior/Round
.016x.022 0.016 DF1622-16U DF1622-16L
.017x.025 0.017 DF1725-17U DF1725-17L
.019x.025 0.019 DF1925-19U DF1925-19L
.021x.025 0.021 DF2125-21U DF2125-21L

Rectangular anterior length is commonly 34mm and 38mm

   for upper arch wire,and 26mm and 28mm for lower.

Ortho Wire 1210788